Hashim Cavcav and His Family, who defected from Rumelia to Turkey in 1927, were settled by the Turkish government, respectively, in Yozgat, Bursa, then Adana Dörtyol.  Haşim Cavcav, who had been running a bakery back in Rumelia, rented a bakery in Adana Dörtyol to earn his livelihood.
3 years later in 1930, he moved to Ankara and started to operate the bakery in the Hamamönü Region, a Protected Site today.  While "bazlama" was the traditional staple in those years, the bakery run by the Cavcav Family started bread production and the inhabitants of Ankara met bread for the first time. The family began to flourish over time However, as a result of a series of misfortunes, when İlhan Cavcav was 3 years old, Hashim Cavcav was forced to start everything all over again and started running a land mill in the district of Mamak. İlhan Cavcav, who was 7 years old at the time, began his training with his father.
 The family established “Boğaziçi Flour Factory” in Mamak after 5 years. Having finished secondary school three years later at the age of 15, İlhan Cavcav began to work as a teller and salesman in the factory. In 1962, he left the factory and took over his father's shop in İskitler.   Cavcav, who continued active commerce here until the year 1970, started to run Polatlı Flour Factory in the same period as well. In 1967, Ankara Un Sanayi A.Ş. purchased the landed estate in the Balgat neighborhood.  The construction of the plants was competed with great difficulty, and they commenced production incepted with a daily wheat crushing capacity of 85 tonnes in 1969. Due to increasing demand in the following years, the factory's capacity was expanded and reached 800 tonnes.
Ankara Un Sanayi A.Ş. has earned a rightful reputation today thanks to the quality flour produced by our founder, the deceased İlhan Cavcav, who never compromised in any way with the principles of HONESTY and INTEGRITY. 
Murat Cavcav acts as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the factories since 2017. The members of the Board of Directors are Önder Cavcav and İ. Mehmet Cavcav.

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