Ankara Un Sanayi A.Ş., whose foundations were laid by İLHAN CAVCAV, the first Chairman of the Board of Directors in 1970, has been continuing its production with an ever-increasing capacity for 50 years.

The company started production with 85 tons of wheat crushing capacity per day in its resident factory in Balgat district, Ankara. With the construction phase in the Sincan Organized Industrial Zone since 2010 and with investments in modernization and capacity increase, it sustains production with a total of 1550 tons daily capacity in 3 factories in 3 cities today.

Machinery and equipment of Bühler (the German world leader in laboratory equipment industry), Brabender and Uğur are used in the computer-controlled production units.

The factory produces luxury quality flour for baklava, phyllo, bread, kadayıf and brown flour. The A.U.S. brands Üç Leylek, Tek Sülün, Çift Leylek, Tek LeylekandÇift Sülün has preserved its rightful reputation among customers for years. Delicious food products like bread, pastry, börek and baklava made from flour that has become a symbol of quality win the consumer's appreciation.


In addition to the branded products in the plants, many kinds of flour (e.g. brown, yellow, bon-quality and Type 6 peasant flour) are produced according to consumer demands.


Pursuing leadership in the sector with its experienced staff since its foundation and repeating the same success in export, Ankara Un Sanayi A.Ş. has been awarded success plaques and titles of privilege Ankara Chamber of Commerce for many years.

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